Most managed IT services providers offer off-site support. This type of support offers convenience for both the customer and service provider, and is also referred to as remote or online support. It usually includes video, live chats, email or telephone support. .

Our Features

Quality Web Content.

Whether to entertain, entice or educate, superior content is a must in every frequently visited website, especially if search engine optimisation is part of the website's overarching marketing strategy.

Clear, User-friendly Navigation

Calls to action are placed in conspicuous spots within the navigation’s scheme. If there is a plethora of content, then a search box is suggested to make it faster to reach more specific pages within a website..

Simple and Professional Web Design.

Simple and Professional Web Design..

Webpage Speed

Beautiful graphics and substantial content become useless if a site’s speed hampers its ability to deliver content quickly..

Search Engine Optimisation.

A well-designed website generally will receive many visitors, and one method to attract visitors is search engine optimisation.

Web Compatibility

The variety of browser and platforms which one can now be view web design can present a challenge to developers, but talented ones are accustomed to handling such factors.


Premium Features

With off-site support, the vendor may remotely connect to a computer or network to help with problems. Remote connection software such as Go To Assist, Log Me In, VNC, or Team Viewer is required and must be installed locally.